Conditions :

  1. BUYING:

    Because we are a professional estate agency, time is as precious to us as it is to you, consequently - and before we start any technical or administrative steps-, we will ask potential buyers or investors to provide sufficient financial proofs needed for the acquisition of the desired property.

  2. SELLING :

    are you thinking about selling your property in the best terms ? we will be happy to offer you our services, so you can choose between two types of contracts:

    1. A basic contract of sale : We visit your property, we take some photos of the inside and the outside, and we advertise it on our web site.This contract does not imply any commitment on your part as you are free to sell your property by yourself or to use other agencies...
    2. An exclusive contract of sale : (strongly recommended) It is for a period of six months -renewable once for the same duration. This contract gives you more advantages:
      • We visit your property, we thoroughly study all its technical and administrative aspects.
      • Together we will make a more accurate evaluation of your property, and agree on the selling price.
      • You will benefit from a modern, attractive and visible advertising on the façade of your property: professional “FOR SALE” board, like the ones used in Europe , which will considerably enhance your chances of a quick and more profitable sale.
      • We give priority to your property to be advertised on our web site, with all the necessary information, and with the mention “EXCLUSIVE”. We also advertise your properties abroad in the European capitals and major cities through “estate exhibitions” and by contacting Moroccan expatriates directly...

  3. LETTING :

    ( Important : only applicable to people with constant and sufficient income). People who wish to rent one of our properties are invited to prepare and verify the following documents before contacting the agency. Please note that no exceptions or preferences will be made while processing the applications.Documents required in order to rent a property:

    • The applicant must have an income that is equivalent to three times the rent. Ex: if the rent is € 300, then the minimum income required must be at least € 900. (if there is a husband and wife, then we will combine their income).
    • The last 3 monthly pay slips.( proofs of solvency maybe required).
    • Tenancy deposit equivalent to 2 months renting. this deposit will be returned at the end of the contract*.
    • Current employer’s details.
    • Important: our agency reserves the right to ask for additional proofs.

  4. OUR FEES :

    SELLING : 2.5% (+VAT) payable by the property owner. BUYING : 2.5% (+VAT) payable by the buyer


    LETTING: you can choose between two types:

    1. BASIC LETTING: the fee is a one-off payment, it’s one month worth of rent payable by the landlord, and one month payable by the tenant. Our involvement is limited*.
    2. PROPERTY MANAGEMENT : we deduce 10% of the rent each month and we take care of everything*

should you have any further questions regarding property management, please do not hesitate to contact us.